Design Unit Two Locating - Visual Research, Concept

Scan_20141209 (18)_edited copy.jpg

During the feedback weeks I have started to draw litter that I have found along the streets and various places and started to collect rubbish that I create. I want to continue drawing these elements to eventually combine and create a collage/camouflage pattern. I have started to scan some bits and pieces in to manipulate on Photoshop and eventually create designs digitally.

After today's briefing and tutorial I have started to think about my concept and ideas which could also fit in with entering Bradford Textiles Competition. This seems to me the most interesting of the live briefs that I have come across and something that I can tailor my project to.I have already considered the idea of creating a range of fabrics for interiors to go along with my concept and also introduce my designs into a more high-end profile as part of exploring where my designs could fit within an exterior context. I want to concentrate on this idea in the hope that I could potentially raise money for charities that help the homeless (if my designs were to go into production).

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I also want to keep an eye on the various Tiger Print competitions that I could explore as a live brief as creating designs for greetings cards/stationary etc is something that I have always found interesting, this could also interlink with my Etsy online store! I will be keeping an eye on a few different companies to look for potential live briefs that I can get involved in and also potentially get involved in doing a placement.

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