Design Unit Two Locating - Visual Research, Concept

I have started to put together a collage using Photoshop, using elements of my drawings and scanned in images I have managed to create repeating tiles... I want to focus more on the colour ways and think about the colours I want to use for the camouflage blankets, taking inspiration from photographs that I have taken in the city.

stamp and drawings copy.jpg

Considering pattern is quite difficult with this concept as its all quite random and I want to convey the idea of layers of litter. I have started to think about ordering the litter and maybe involving an organised/collection element after seeing so many people on the streets with all of their belongings. Maybe as well as creating some very disorganized patterns I could create ideas that are more ordered... The ideas for print which I have already created are more made for digital printing, but I have started to think about how I could tailor these ideas to screen printing.

I want to screen print various patterns of newsprint as this is the most traditional way of keeping warm when living on the streets.. I have created my own mock up newspaper pages with my concept and other blogpost texts to fill out the pages. I will then print on top of this with various other pieces of litter that I have collected. If I have time it might be an interesting idea to then embroider into my prints, stitching litter into my fabric and maybe encapsulating physical pieces. Over Christmas I want to continue creating designs and try to get ready for printing when I come back.

After discussing ideas with my tutor about my creative CV I have started to think about placements and companies that I could apply to for work experience. I really want to find a designer that I am interested in that doesn't do the average floral designs so I will have to research this over the Christmas period.

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