Design Unit Two Locating - Visual Research, Contextualising Practice

Grayson Perry is a fabulous artist who specialises in ceramics and now, tapestries. A lot of his work is always very conceptual and he works a lot with people, particularly within his series of tapestries based on taste in different classes. Defining and creating a line between classes and how their tastes differ within their homes. I have noticed how well he works with people and how sensitive and tactful he is after watching a documentary about how he gathered his ideas and concepts for a series of tapestries that I saw displayed at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery a year or so ago.


I want to take Grayson Perry as inspiration and explore the way he interacts with people through this documentary. I want to be able to talk to the homeless people that I come into contact with in Manchester although I never know what to say without offending them, upsetting them or getting myself into trouble. I have spoken to a woman who works for a homeless charity who said that she would email me about getting involved in a project that goes out in the evenings and helps feed the homeless and almost 'keep them comfortable' which I guess is all that I can really do to contribute. I asked the woman, out of the money that the charity makes, how much actually goes towards helping make a difference. Her answer was 'around 70%'.. I understand how some money must go to the company to keep it running and to pay the staff and people who stand on the street and talk to people like me... but what does the money go to?


I have also realised that it is not just people that are on the streets that are classed as homeless. Anyone who is without a permanent home is classed as homeless, almost as if there are different platforms of homelessness and it seems that the people on the streets just can't seem to get into the system to find themselves a home, which I have read is, in many cases, due to not having an address... a viscous cycle.

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