Design Unit Two Locating - Contextualising Practice and exploring a Live Brief

Timorous Beasties created a design a couple of years ago which encapsulated the strange and made obvious the issues that go on within cities around the world. I find this sort of design so intriguing, within this wallpaper design you can see someone being held up my gun point, people drinking in the park, people picking up litter, children playing by themselves in precarious places and the homeless being ignored by the business man on his commute. I love that from afar, at first glance, this wallpaper looks absolutely beautiful and in fact it is, although it is only when you look more closely that you see what's actually happening. This is the kind of message I want to get across with my designs.


timourous beaties.jpg

There are plenty of similar designs with the same message, people being arrested and mugged in New York as opposed to London. After looking at the idea of creating designs for interiors I have looked into entering a live brief that I have found online.

Entering a Live Brief

One of the learning outcomes for this project is 'Demonstrate evidence of testing and presenting individual practice within a professional textiles context', to achieve this I want to try and push myself to create designs to enter in a couple of competitions that I have come across such as the Bradford Textiles Competition and the Feathr Competition, the online digital design submission. Feathrs competition is to create art work that can be translated into wallpaper.

feathr design colour.jpg

'Our mission is to fill the world with more art and less decoration. We’re for everyone who loves art and has a house with walls. So here’s to more good shit and less shit shit.'

Feathrs moto appears to be, More Art Less Decoration. Which is a really interesting concept to me as when I start designing I don't really think about the final outcome, it's simply just an exploration and a reaction to a concept. I have created a design to the specifications and submitted for the deadline on the 14th of January. The idea is to share your designs on social media and get as many ratings as you can. The voting will go onto the 28th of January.


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