Design Unit Two Locating - Contextualising Practice, Artist Research

Kenji Nakayama


I have looked at a couple of artists responses to homelessness, for example, Kenji Nakayama in the US recreates signs for people living on the streets to make them more noticeable and stand out to by passers. These signs are turned into a work of art to make people stop and think and strive to make a difference.

Bethan Ash

Bethan Ash is a British artist who works with textiles I have found that she mostly works with embroidery and creates quilts, one quilt that she has created is a sort of crochet idea made out of thread and aluminium cans, the piece is entitled ‘keeping the homeless warm’. The idea behind this piece is quite similar to the concept that I am exploring, I like the way that the artist uses different media along her textiles practice which is something that I intend to explore myself.


For my own personal project, I want to follow a more conceptual route and explore creating some mock up blankets for the homeless using different textures as well as papers and litter to screen print onto and potentially stitch together, maybe incorporating some encapsulation, trapping litter and prints between fabric with stitch. I really want to explore some more hand printed techniques to express the meanings of this project.

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