Design Unit Two Locating - Creative CV

I want to try and arrange a work placement throughout this project, I really want to find a designer to ask for a couple of weeks of work experience. I have absolutely no idea what to expect and what I will be doing and so I have looked at the designers that I like and that I would be interested in working with.

creative cv.jpg

I have been trying really hard to find some designers which I can completely fall in love with, I think I am most interested in illustrative patterns and I've found that I am drawn to animals, characters and something involving a narrative. The reason I am trying so hard to find a designer that interests me is because I think I have a bit of a unique strange taste and I don't want to get lost within the design world with all the florals! Hopefully working with a company I am passionate about will be much more educational and of value to me, although it makes it adds much more pressure to create a cv that will stand out and show my personality.


I want to speak to my tutor before I get in touch with any of the designers that I have found. I have made a prototype of the kind of creative cv that I would like to send out, I have created postcards which fit into a small envelope, each post card has an example of one of my designs and on the back has information from my cv. Hopefully this is the kind of thing that will impress each company that I send it out to although I feel that I need to discus it thoroughly with my tutors.

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