Design Unit Two Locating - Creating a Campaign

I set out with the idea in mind that if my designs were to go into production and be sold then a good percentage of the money made would go to a charity that could make a difference to someone’s life, that my project would be a catalyst for making something happen and raising some awareness. With this in mind I decided that it would be an interesting idea to put together some t-shirt designs using the designs that I have created for interiors that would be sold and worn at some sort of charity event.

There are designers who support charities such as Ralph Lauren who seems to have created his own charity, The Pink Pony Fund and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention, "Breast cancer isn't just a woman's issue — it affects all of us: brothers, husbands, fathers, children, friends. Too many Americans suffer disproportionately from cancer because they lack access to basic, quality health care. The Pink Pony campaign is our effort to bring adequate care to underserved communities. It is my hope that people everywhere are able to receive the screenings that make it possible to detect cancer at an earlier, more curable stage." — Ralph Lauren

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Giorgio Armani, who supports RED, "I am convinced that ethics and profits can coexist. RED is an initiative that rises above the concept of charity into the realm of ethical business, introducing a system of financial redistribution aimed at solving — at least in part — one of the greatest scourges of Africa, AIDS. RED offers people the chance to satisfy their desires while being useful and generous at the same time. This is the truly splendid idea that underlies this project."

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I like that the ideas to support the charities are still very heavily involved with the company’s brands that they have built for themselves. I hadn't considered making sure that a product that I was to sell for charity was still very much mine! I wanted to show my support and design some t-shirts to help The Salvation Army as part of their celebrations for their 150th Year as a charity. This is only an example of an idea that if my work were to get enough interest how I would further it. Thinking more about it I could make it into more of a fashion orientated thing, really stretching the designs and making something more high end to make more of a statement and really get a lot of support for the charity.

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