Design Unit Two - Locating, Replies from Creative CVs

After developing my Creative CV, printing, folding and sticking it together and creating a little black envolope to conceal it, I finally posted them to the companies that I have always wished to explore and hopefully work with. I left it a couple of weeks before sending a follow up email to ask if the companies had receieved my CVs.

creative cv.jpg

Rory Dobner emailed me before I had a chance to send a follow up email, thier responce was very exciting and positive.


It was shortly after I replied that I realised that the company seemed less interested in actually taking me on for design related work experience but rather taking me on as an intern to do the paperwork, which I wouldn't have minded, although they wanted me to start full time giving me £8.00 a day for travel expencess.. which wasn't really viable...

rory dobner.jpg

I decided to go out on a limb and one last time try to contact Rory Dobner, I manged to get through to Rory's wife, I spoke to to her and explained what it was that I was hoping for and she said that unfortunately over the summer they will be in Ibiza! So the office won't be an interesting place to be, she did offer me a minimum of 6 weeks work experience in London at the begining of summer, but unfortunately I can't manage to sustain myself in London for that long! But, she did say that I am welcome to call again once I've finished University and they can give me some experience! A possitive result!

On another note, I emailed Vicki Murdoch, the founder of Silken Favours, unfortunately she has not recieved my CV so it must have got lost along the way, although she did seem interested to talk to me and requested that we meet or skype, so I am currently trying to arrange something so that I can ask all my questions and see if Vicki would have a place for me somewhere within Silken Favours for a couple of weeks over the summer.

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