Unit X - Visual Research, #The Market

I have spent some time exploring the Whitworth Art Gallery and looking at the two shops that they have, the first shop is more of an adult focused shop, a shop that sells the sort of furnishings and accessories that you can aspire to own. The second shop seems more children orientated, a shop which sells bits and bobs for kids to play with and high end 'stuff' to do/use around the gallery. I love the way that the first shop is laid out as if it were a living space, dining table and sideboards, cluttered with all the products that they want to sell. I think that this is a really good idea and I think that when I get to doing some visualisations I could show my products in this way.


Thinking about the kind of thing that I would want to feature in the shop, I realised that there weren't many fashion based items, I have got the idea of creating silk scarves in the forefront of my mind. After organising work experience at silken favours I think creating a print for a scarf collection for the Whitworth could be a really worthwhile project.


Another idea of mine is the idea of creating a series of small square sketchbooks with the same design in mind, I have found that square sketchbooks seem to take away my fear of where to start on a blank page, but they are very difficult to come by. This could be a suitable idea for the second shop, although there are a lot of these types of things in this shop, I'm not sure how likely it is that the Whitworth would want to take on another product like this.

I am trying to think about what I want to create rather than what would sell in the Whitworth or what they would be interested in. My final idea is maybe creating a range of cushions although the idea to me is kind of exhausted, it’s been done before and as much as I get excited about cushions and interiors, not everyone will I think that a wearable piece of art work is my favourite idea.

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