Unit X - Visual Research, Concept

I think that it’s important to feature the Whitworths architecture, the old and the new pieces of the building that make it such a beautiful place, a celebration of the re-opening. I have never really focused so closely on architecture and this seems a brilliant time to investigate this concept. I also want to bring in some elements from the artwork in the gallery, exploring the processes that the artist used incorporating water colour, acrylics and such to bring in texture alongside the fine liner shapes and features that I have created myself.


Considering the 'element of strangeness' that I want to run through my work as a designer, I think that using imagery of the type of British insects that may be found in Whitworth park is an ideal way to bring the outside and the inside together and celebrate the galleries concept. I want to take a trip to the Manchester Museum to find British insects that would occur in the park.

I also want to try and hone in on finding my style, focusing still on illustrative design, fine liner and water colour and thinking about the styles of drawings of Laura Hyde and maybe Tim Burton, this is the way I want to approach the insects rather than such an accurate way of drawing like the imagery I have created for the architecture.


Beginning to investigate colour and how I want to use it within this range of scarves, I am thinking about black, white and grey with accents of muted colours which get darker within the insects. I imagine my compositions in a kind of op art style.

I really want to think about my designs and seriously create something that I can be proud of, using layers and using the idea of geometry, circles specifically, creating a piece of art work which repeats in quarters of the circle enveloped in a large square of silk. Using Johanna Basford as inspiration for the circular creations and Cornelia Parker as inspiration for the repetitive, symmetrical element I hope to create my most considered design yet.


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