Unit X - Blog Post 1, Research

I have spent a lot of time looking at the sort of products that are within the shop, I have tried to consider the relevance of my practice against the other interdisciplinary products that are within each shop. Looking at the kind of existing products and thinking about what would fit in, or maybe what would stand out is proving a challenge.


I have thought about cushions, scarves and sketchbooks. After the reflective post it note session I have had a lot of feedback to say consider creating cushions more so than silk scarves although I feel like creating cushions is a bit of a cop out. Creating scarves, for me, seems more high end, which I think is where I want to be in the future so this is what I will strive to achieve.

I have also been surprised by the lack of printed textiles within the Whitworth shop as this is something that I want to change and so tackling this situation will be challenging because I want to keep my own style of working and designing whilst making my product appropriate for the shop.

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I have been exploring artists that are relevant to my practice and what I want to achieve, I have always liked the work of Laura Hyde I think that her illustrations are really unusual which is something that I want to focus on within my own practice.

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After attending the Susie Macmurray lecture and some of her work in the gallery, I got attached to the idea of working within circles, combining the black and white concept of Johanna Basford and Laura Hyde. I noticed a few circular objects within the Whitworth and decided that this would be an interesting idea to explore as I have never looked at geometrics within my designs before. I have started to create designs with everything developing, oozing from a circular point within my designs. As I am continuing with the idea that I am a very illustrative print designer this is something that will feature quite heavily.


Cornelia Parker is another influence, looking at the symmetry in her work, everything seems to reflect or imitate, rather than repeating my print in this project I will explore mirroring and creating symmetry within the architecture.

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I have come across an unfamiliar situation in trying to create the kind of symmetrical, circular pattern instead of my usual repeat patterns which has meant that I will have to consider using illustrator in my practice to produce some of the repetitive background elements the use Photoshop to create my main design. My key influences for this project begins with a celebration of the old and new architecture of the gallery, I want to develop this to create a suitable design for a silk scarf product. I also want to introduce my own ‘element of strangeness’ through using illustrative drawings of common British insects that would be found within the connected park, achieving the Whitworths concept of interlinking the outside with the inside of the gallery, combining these two elements to do this.


I enjoy working with fine liner and watercolour to create my imagery which I intend to push further, I think that my designs will look best digitally printed as there are a lot of elements I want to include and it could get complicated through screen printing, another reason is that through screen printing I won’t be able to achieve the watercolour effect in the same way. I think that by using digital printing this will produce a much more professional product that will hopefully be successful in the shop also by exploring this process I hope to gain more knowledge and be able to converse with Vicki Murdoch about her work over summer when I do my work experience for Silken Favours.


I am looking forwards to developing my designs, I really want to consider the composition of these designs, exploring Photoshop and illustrator as I go along to produce something I can be really proud of.

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