Unit X - Design Development

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I have spent that last few weeks really focusing on creating some good designs involving the architecture and insect elements. To begin with I stuck to my initial colour pallet to try and fit in with the Whitworth but and I have attempted a lot of different colour ways and I think that I have come up with more of a resolved idea.


I want to narrow down a collection of four scarves that show my progression of designs from the beginning so that I can cater for as many styles and preferences as I can. I have looked at other designers and a lot of the imagery that I have seen, there is a lot of variation in the scarves so this is what I want to achieve within my collection. Looking at the kind of designs that Vicki Murdoch creates, the kind of layout of the scarf/cushion is the same, the content of the composition continues to change with each theme. I like Christian Lacroix designs as there is always something to see from any angle within the designs. I think that this is something that I want to achieve within my own work so this is why I have tried to keep everything symmetrical and revolving around a point within the centre of the scarf. Following this I abandoned my initial symetrical obsession and decided to deconstruct the systematic, building approach to the designs, I've had good feed back from this and I think that I will continue to run with this idea, maybe it could be part of the collection!


Thinking about the variation that I want to create I thought about surface decoration and considered a double sided scarf, maybe the print on one side and another fabric on the other side, sewn together and hemmed well although I think that this would create a scarf that is too bulky so I have moved away from this idea and started to consider how the scarves will drape and what they will look like on the body. From this I have created some completely different designs involving block colour which gives the wearer options. I think that this could be quite a successful design because the silk habotai that I will be printing on is slightly transparent so the prints will show through subtly on either side.


I will try to narrow down my ideas and come up with a collection that could be suitable for the audience of the Whitworth.

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