Unit X - Market Research

Today, I decided to explore selfridges and look at the type of market that I want to target, looking at the kind of prices, sort of fabrics and finishes that the scarves of this standard involve and also see the way that they are displayed.

alexander mcqueen.jpg

The first designer that I came across in selfridges is Alexander Mcqueen, I noticed that the edges of the scarves are rolled and stitched. This technique is the most common within scarf design although there is usually a great effort made to conceal the thread used to stich the rolled edge into place. I noticed with these edges the thread is quite visable and almost doubled across in each direction which I think looks a little bit messy.


The Hermes stand is disappointingly discrete after looking at their catalogue of scarves, there is so much colour and fabric celebrated I don't think that their display does it justice. Although I had a close look at the fabrics used and they are a lot more heavy weight than the Silk Habotai that I intend to use which is why they are so expensive and obviously so luxurious! The scarves are all finished with the hand sewn rolled edge which gives the product what it is worth, I think that I will finish my scarves in this way to create the effect that they belong in this high end category. This will hopefully attract the right kind of consumer that can appreciate the finer details of the making and finishing of the scarf.


Diors scarves are beautifully presented, layered on top of each other, appropriately colour matched, carefully folded in mirrored draws that open to reveal reflected snippets of the design. Opening each draw is exciting for the consumer and the details are highlighted which is a great idea as this is something that I want my consumers to notice. The scarves are also paired with other accessories in the shop to encourage consumers to buy into the Dior way of accessorizing.. much like the Whitworths sentiment of laying a table with more affordable tableware so that their consumers can buy into the Whitworth lifestyle and aesthetic.


I also noticed that there was a big difference between the high end designer scarves and the, what selfridges call 'street fashion' brands. Ted Bakers scarves where considerably less expensive and the designs weren't as high quality, I also noticed that they were over crowed with branding and labels as well as two edges of the scarves being rolled and stitched, and other other two edges just being machine sewn to make production costs less expensive, but still be able to sell the scaves at a affordable-ish price.


I really want to be able to market my scarves for a reasonable price but for these scarves to look luxurious and expensive so I will have to learn how to finish my scarves to the highest standard and look at the sort of fabrics that are available to print on.

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