Unit X - Branding my Product

After looking at different designers and the way that they brand their products and the way that they are displayed in a shop situation I have thought a lot about the sort of branding that my product for the Whitworth would be associated with.

window tags.jpg

I realised that a lot of the more high end designers don't clutter their scarves with labels and tags and just simply have small labels of their names printed within their scarves. This was no longer an option as I had already printed a scarf for the exhibition so I figured that I would try and design a tag that would be attached to my scarf, I have explored a lot of designs and I think that I have come up with a couple that I am happy with.


I realised that I don't want something too extravagant although I want something that is different and highlights my 'element of strangeness', so I have looked at different options. I think that it would be good to have these tags printed on satin finished card to help the luxurious feel, maybe not gloss as this may cheapen the idea.

final tag copy.jpg

I think that this is the best option as it is in-keeping with the black and white theme I have within my scarves and shows the hand drawn elements within my designs. It also encapsulates the 'element of strangeness' with the over saturated insects. I think that I like the idea of having a circular tag, I did play with the idea of the window and bug shaped but I think that may be over complicating the idea. I think that this rounds of my design brief for the Whitworth quite nicely.

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