Unit X - Finishing and Presenting

I have learnt how to sew a rolled hem to finish my scarf, I have decided to photograph my scarf in Whitworth park to tie the whole project together. I really wanted to show off the design and the drape of the scarf instead of photographing it on a model as I want to leave the consumer age-range as open ended as possible and didn't want my images to sway this or make it look unproffesional at all.

I have editted my photographs to show the colours off the design as clearly as possible, taking out the background colour so its not distracting. I have used my tag design within the image so that its in-keeping with the theme.

I have also spent some time considering the way that this product could be presented and sold in the Whitworth shop, I think that a shallow square gift box would make the product seem special for the consumer as if they had bought themselves a gift. It would be great if I could find a way of creating a box with my tag design imprinted onto the front of the box but I'm not sure how I would achieve this.

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