L6 Practice Unit: Ideas and Inspiration - Outwardfacing, Direction

Over Summer I visited the Egyptian exhibit at Manchester Museum. I found small amulets that were carved out of precious rocks and minerals these pieces were often carved as small insects and used in burial as protection when crossing over to the afterlife.

Last year, I explored insects and I think that this is something that I would like to continue to push as my 'element of strangeness' within this unit. I went onto explore the rocks and minerals that Manchester Museum have on display, as a starting point I drew the patterns and textures of these pieces. I realised that a lot of my drawings were quite 'pretty' and that’s not usually the way I work. So I expanded my drawings to include rocks, minerals, bones and teeth in keeping with the idea of ritual and burials.

Victoria Garcia’s drawings are filled with detail and texture, and I think that she uses water colour pencils to create her illustrations. I have taken inspiration from shapes and exaggerated colours and textures using water colour pencils.

I have been working with Promarkers over summer, trying to challenge myself, avoiding black fine-liners and outlines. I have found this difficult as this is the way that I usually work but I am trying to find a more stylised/sustainable way to continue working through my practice to establish myself.

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