L6 Practice Unit: Concept - Reflection, Direction

For the Bradford textiles brief, I have been thinking about the Egyptian burials and preservation of the body, on a conceptual level I imagine that I can take this into looking into body, mind and spirit over the unit.

I will be going to meet Dmitri Logunov from the Manchester Museum on Wednesday 7th October to have a look at some more moths that aren’t currently on display.

I still want to incorporate the drawings of moths that have inspired the amulets that are used in Egyptian burials, but perhaps use these to camouflage the body.


Francesca Woodman’s photography focuses on the female body, camouflaging and sometimes exposing the naked body. Woodmans photography is physically dark, conceptually; I think that her work is an exploration of her own insecurities and feelings. Woodman took her own life, looking at her images it doesn’t appear that she was ever trying to cover up or hide any of her feelings - if this was the case, that it’s a real shame that photography was her only outlet.

I think that to begin pushing this concept I will photograph my own body and begin to draw. I will use the bones that I have drawn over summer, perhaps by using devore in my digital prints to introduce this subtly.

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