L6 Practice Unit: Concept - Reflection, Direction

After looking at Francesca woodman's photography and considering body image as a possible concept I have decided to ignore this element for a while and perhaps bring it back in when considering visualisations.

After meeting Dmitri Logunov I have gained more of an insight into some species of moth, I will continue to draw over the next week and start to put together a few compositions. I decided to put together a couple of compositions imagining that I was a museum curator. I like the idea of ritual and routine as a concept so I have started pulling together my imagery of bones, rocks, minerals and moths to create a layout rather than thinking too much about pattern.

After inspecting the moths in the archives, inspiration for techniques that I could incorporate in the print room became apparent - for example, devore for the transparent wings and foils and flocks for the iridescence and textures. I need to think more about how this will work in the context of fashion accessories as this is what I would like to pursue this year.

I have looked at Damien Hirst collaboration with Alexander McQueen, I find the compositions really attractive, creating beautiful patterns that involve slightly odd motifs. Over the next week I want to have all my drawings completed and start to put together a range of pattern designs. From this I will be able to think about the right type of fabric to use for my prints and consider technical processes.

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