L6 Practice Unit: Development - Direction

I have completed my drawings from the imagery that I collected at the museum with my meeting with the curator of arthropods. I have created a library of illustrations for the Bradford brief, I have always felt that my drawing skills are a key part of my practice. I will focus on pushing the concept further over the next few weeks.

I have decided on a colour pallet that I think is suitable for my concept for the brief, this is something that I don't tend to finalise or even consider important throughout my project but I feel that this year I want to try and incorporate a colour pallet so that I can make clear connections within my collections and ranges of fabrics within my practice.

After exploring some high end brands during my market research I have found some inspiration for the context of print, I want to try and push this further next week and hope to have some samples printed on Habotai and Crepe De Chine for potential silk scarf designs.

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