L6 Practice Unit: Market Research - Direction, Context

When contextualising my own practice it is important to consider market level. I am interested in creating fashion accessories such as scarves and bags. After investigating high street shops such as Topshop, River Island and Next I realise that the products are well made, but perhaps a bit fussy. River Island and Urban Outfitters use a lot of real leather but there are no printed leathers - bags and accessories are embellished with stitched detail.

I prefer the PU and PVC bags within Selfridges; everything is made perfectly, no faults. Although they aren't real leather - this means you can experiment more with the print and the shaping of the bags. The quality of the make and the design means that real leather is not a necessity, most products that are made with real leather, for example Westwood, is ethically sourced. I wonder how high street fashion brands can sell accessories made of real leather so cheaply in comparison to the high end, designer brands?

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