L6 Practice Unit: Development and Selecting a Live Brief - Direction, Outward Facing

In 'The study' at Manchester Museum I discovered a couple of displays that highlighted an interest in colour and a collection of a range of artefacts from within the museum, this has further inspired my look into the moths and minerals collection.

For the live brief, I think that I will look at the Michael Kidner, Flowers East Gallery Brief, looking at the paintings in the Pentagon series of Kidners work I could use these shapes and colours to my advantage and apply my crystal structures to this brief.

When Kidner begins to work in constructing 3D forms, Column, Lattice and Stretched elastic, are monotone. Its only when Kidner investigates constructivism that colour becomes apparent again. I think that ‘Pentagon’ is my favourite series, these shapes and colours could relate well to my crystals structures that I have found whilst drawing these forms. I will continue to develop some patterns that could work alongside the pentagon series.

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