L6 Practice Unit: Development - Reflection, Direction

I haven't been content with the outcomes following concepts like, 'collections' or 'death, decay and ritual'. I have thought about the origin of the drawings (Egyptian amulets) and started to think about the idea of crystals used as protection for the mind, body and spirt.

'An amulet is a small object that a person wears, carries, or offers to a deity because he or she believes that it will magically bestow a particular power or form of protection.' - www.metmuseum.org

Some cultures believe that Chakras, different points within our bodies, can have an effect on our spiritual well-being. It is believed that certain minerals and crystals of certain compositions and colours, can heal, protect and balance us.

As a sufferer of anxiety and depression, I want to look at what crystals can symbolise. I want to introduce imagery of my own body adorned with crystals and moths in a protective way.

I feel that this could be a good point to follow on from to create interesting imagery for the Diversity Now 2016 brief.

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