L6 Practice Unit: Live Brief Kidner- Direction, Reflection, Outward Facing

I have been focusing on the Micheal Kidner Brief, speaking to the Kidner Family and looking more into his work I have started to create some interesting patterns. Looking at my own drawings and photographs of crystals and their structures could be an interesting starting point - an exploration of shape and interconnecting patterns.

During the Op Art movement, Bridget Riley, an artist who created work around a similar time as Kidner, created a lot of black and white optical illusions. I noticed that within Kidners work, colour was a key component, especially in his After Image series; colour played a key role in the concept of these paintings. I feel that throughout Lattice, Stretched Elastic and Collumn there was a lack of colour that there had been in his previous works.

Kidners colours are quite obvious and bold, almost garish. The Kidner Family told me that there was never really a system within his choice of colour, it was more of a random process. I want to update Kidners colour pallet by changing the hue and saturation within my own drawings. I end up with harmonious colours with a highlighting colour that contrasts, so I feel that my adaptation and more modern take on his colours will be an adventurous experiment.

Monochrome imagery really confuses the eye and can produce a 3D effect in a 2D painting. I find this idea interesting so I think that I am mostly going to work in black and white. Some of Kidners work is quite textural, in his Pentagon series - playing around with coloured pencils creates a directional texture, so I want to include small collaged pieces of the textures from my initial drawings of the crystals.

I began looking at pro-paper and cutting out the geometric sections to fill with my textural drawings of the surfaces of each crystal. I feel that this will be the basis for my digital designs, I want to further the shapes and colours using Photoshop. I will try and be more refined when creating patterns to try and create an illusion effect on the eyes.

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