L6 Practice Unit: 8 Week Review - Direction, Reflection

After the digital presentation, the feedback that I received, confirmed for me that I was going in the wrong direction with my Practice Unit.

There was a comment made about colour - there wasn't a clear palette in the Kidner project, which I felt has always been a weakness within my practice. I have decided to concentrate more on colour and create a palette and a collection of mandala designs for scarves, looking to SWASH London as inspiration for colour ways.

These images express the designs and compositions that can be achieved using the same motifs. SWASH creates similar prints using different colour ways - I have begun to try to do this within my designs this week.

Despite my experimentation with the body being covered with protective amulet illustrations, the general reaction was that these images were too much like fashion illustrations and that it looked as though I was experimenting with print placement on the body rather than the bodies being a part of the design. I have since considered that maybe exploring the idea of placement prints within my fashion accessories (scarves) could be an interesting experiment.

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