L6 Practice Unit: Development - Direction, Reflection

I have started to look at placement prints within fashion accessories and placement on the body when creating garments, Alexander Mcqueen and Roza Khamitova have been very influential for these experiments. I started pinning my drawings onto a stand which didn't work as well as I had hoped, I think that this is because I not really being able to express the drape of the fabric in this medium. I will attempt this again with more of Alexander Mcqueens structural garments in mind as I can always dial it back at a later stage.

For the Kidner project, I have started to create 3D surfaces on which to project my 2D print designs onto - this could create some distorted versions of my print designs. After photographing these I would create prints for fashion accessories.

Creating the shapes out of paper isn't very practical as they are easily damaged and it is hard to replicate an even shape. I want to play around with Propaper structures to try and create something that will look more equal and structurally sound.

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