L6 Practice Unit: Development - Direction, Reflection

I feel as though I have come to a stopping point in the Bradford brief, I want to experiment further with repeat patterns and placement prints for fashion accessories so I feel as though I should bring more illustrative elements into my designs. Rather than focusing too much on the idea of arrangements and ritual I have looked back over my work to identify the parts that I like about the project.

After creating a mind map of the things that seem to have worked within my practice for this brief I have settled on trying to find surfaces and create imagery to draw from that express structure, texture and decoration. These three words will be my main focus moving forwards.

My designs for placement prints on a scarf have been unsuccessful, unless I were to individually apply each wing onto the piece of fabric on a mannequin I don’t feel that the effect that I had in mind can be replicated in digital print. I have created some visualisations to show what I was trying to achieve.

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