L6 Practice Unit: Development - Reflection, Direction

I have begun to draw from foliage found in my garden over Christmas which convey the theme of decoration, texture and structure. I like the decaying look of the winter foliage, to contrast the soft textures and wilting leaves.

I decided that I would introduce a photographic element of architectural structures from around the art school. I feel that I have a lot to work from and I want to push my designs for fashion accessories.

I have developed my mandala designs much further and started to introduce photographic elements, I feel that before this my designs were very flat but the combination of the photographic and textures of my hand drawn wings work well together, I have tried to stick to a colour pallet and produced wide format printed versions of each of the scarf designs in my collection to show the scale and design. I am happy with the outcome of these prints although I have since begun to experiment with the size of the boarder on the scarf and feel that it could be better if it was thicker and interacting with the print.

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