L6 Practice Unit: Development - Direction, Refelction

After playing around with imagery on Photoshop I found that I have started to create a new narrative of a ‘manchester jungle’, I feel that there is a lot behind this concept and that I could push it further if I had more time. I have started to introduce my hand drawn illustrations into my photographic imagery creating a series of windows that are swallowed by foliage, from this I created visualisations of bags with their broken windows and corresponding lining, to give the idea that through the window there is another world?

I have finished the 3D boards which I set out to complete and started to project my digital patterns onto the shapes, I am slightly disappointed with the outcome of my photographs as I expected the patterns to become a lot more distorted, I feel that I could achieve the look that I wanted to portray through the use of filters on Photoshop.

I want to create 3D bags out of leather similar to my paper structures, I have started to put together design specification boards on how I intend to create the product but I will not have time to revisit this before the end of the practice unit, perhaps this is something that I can focus on during unit x.

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