L6 Practice Unit: Final Evaluation

Practice Unit Evaluation:

Over the course of the Practice Unit, I have had a lot of ideas for which I have not had the time to explore to their full potential.

After inspecting the moths in the archives at Manchester Museum, inspiration for techniques that I could incorporate in the print room became apparent - If I had more time, I would have liked to create a collection of samples influenced by my photographs, I think that using devore for the transparent wings and foils or flocks for the iridescence and textures.

I would have liked to try using some embroidery to embellish some of the rocks, bones and minerals samples. I would like to try to create a heavily beaded sample, to express the textures within some of the rocks and minerals.

Usually my colour pallet is something that I don't tend to finalise or even consider important throughout my project, but I feel that this year I have made a clear connection within my collections and ranges of fabrics within my practice.

Over the course of the unit I have not printed out any fabric samples, I realised that there is no need to print samples on a fabric that I do not intend to use for a product. Although I would have been happy to print on Habotai and Crepe De Chine for potential silk scarf designs, I want to investigate printing onto textured PVC.

Up on conducting market research I realised that I prefer the bags made out of PU and PVC, although they aren't real leather but this means you can experiment more with the print and the shaping of the bags because the fabric is softer and more malleable. I am yet to find a company that will digitally print on texturized PVC so I would like to push to do this during Unit X.

For the Kidner Flowers East Gallery live brief, I have started to play around with creating 3D geometric shapes out of paper. I feel that these have worked successfully and it would be interesting to print these onto Leather or PVC and construct them again. I have started to put together design specification boards on how I intend to create the product, perhaps this is something that I can continue to work on.

I am disappointed with the outcome of my photographs of the projected designs onto 3D paper shapes, as I expected the patterns to become a lot more distorted; I feel that if I had time to revisit this I could achieve the look that I wanted to portray through the use of filters on Photoshop.

During the last four weeks of the practice unit I have started to introduce my hand drawn illustrations into my photographic imagery within my personal project. I have begun creating a series of windows that are swallowed by foliage, from this I created visualisations of bags with their broken windows and corresponding linings, to give the idea that through the window there is another world. After playing around with imagery on Photoshop I found that I have started to create a new narrative of a ‘Manchester Jungle’, I feel that there is a lot behind this concept and that I could push it further.

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