I have spent a lot of time researching brands and designers that create similar products to what I want to achieve, looking at designers that are the same market level to what I would like to achieve in the future.

I have started to look into designers and look books for inspiration so that I can start thinking about how I will style my photoshoots. Rianna Philips has been a big inspiration, along with Benedetta Bruzziches. I intend to go to paperchase to start collecting papers as back drops and props for my photoshoots.

I have also started to play around with architecture and foils, overlaying imagery in Photoshop and applying hand drawn elements to create designs. I have drawn out a couple of bag designs and begun to drop my prints into the shapes to see what will work. After creating a couple of sample bags, I decided that I would create tech packs and source someone to create the bags in white leather so that I can start to create displacement visualisations for my look book.

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