I have recently tried to collaberate with a second year student to create images for my look book using toiles that I have had made by a contact. After discussing with the student my intentions for the shoot, I still did not receive the results that I wanted. Unfortunately, lighting was an issue and my ideas were taken too literally. I have acheived the result that I wanted to using the background materials, however I will have to reshoot the entire concept as these images aren't to a good enough standard for my look book.

I had considered using props such as Rianna Philips does within her look book shoots, I spoke about this during the collaberation although I had decided that I would rather try to create the concept without the extra props, unfortunately, during the afternoon the photographer became uncomfortable and we agreed that I would leave the shoot with the intention that the photographer could just experiment with my ideas that we had discussed. Instantly I was aware that this wouldn't work as I wouldn't be able to direct the shoot myself.

My intentions were to use the toiles and create displacement visualisations for the look book, however after giving the photographer free reign, props have interupted the bags and there are a lot of shadows which could make displacements difficult. I intend to re-shoot the bags with my final pieces rather than continue with the displacement visualisations for the final look book images.

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