this week I have been researching look book photoshoots and trying to get together ideas and a concept for my look book. Rianna Philips and Benedetta Bruzziches have been a big inspiration, I really like the looks that they create through using textured materials and props in their photoshoots. I have been to paper chase and bought a range of materials to work with in the shoot. I have begun a test shoot to look at how I can use the materials together. I am happy with the way these materials look, hopefully I can start to photograph them next week with my toiles. I will then edit these and use a displacement filter to visualise my designs on the bag shapes for my look book as I cannot afford to keep recreating bags in different designs.

I have been in touch with the company ‘the deep print movement’, about printed leather samples, I have sent my designs via ‘wetransfer’, and I expect to see the samples within a week. I have not had a confirmation email from the company so I feel as though I should follow this up.

I have started to create some more geometric designs using collaged pieces of architecture that I have photographed in spinning fields. These are starting to work well and I feel as though I could create a really different collection with these designs to contrast the more illustrative prints that I began with. I think that I will begin to design some scarves to print and display in the degree show to show the range of fashion accessories and range of fabrics that I can work with on my path to starting to create my own brand.

I have put together some visualisations of bags and how I feel that they would be manufactured if I were to create the bags myself. I think that these visualisations are really starting to reflect what I am trying to achieve.

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