I have begun to think more carefully about creating my product and the sort of design specifications and details that I will have to consider when manufacturing my bags. I have ordered the leather to be printed by ‘the identity store’, since then, I have met with G.H leather to look through the range of leather skins that they stock. I have purchased some lamb nappa leather so that I can try to create a prototype bag and learn how to sew with leather and create a good product.

I have been to buy Leather needles and a plastic Teflon machine foot from Abakhan for my domestic machine, I feel that I should be able to use my domestic machine as the leather I will be using will not be too thick and the machine foot will help me guide the leather through. I will need to do some research on the sort of cotton that I should use to secure my leather bags. After conducting shop research I have found that most designers use cotton or silk to line their bags, although a couple of designers use suede. I feel that this is the most luxurious option for my designs, I have ordered a skin of black goats suede from G.H leather to use as a lining in my bags.

I have had some trouble with deciding which zips to use in my design specifications, I realise that by printed leather bags with goat suede lining could be quite an expensive product to buy and to choose the wrong hardware could cheapen the look. I have started to look through online catalogues of zippers, RIRI zippers are Italian made zips, these are the more luxurious option although I cannot find an online store to order these from, so I will have to make a trip down to London to have a look at the RIRI zips in ‘London Trimmings’ and try to find a suitable zipper. I have contacted companies such as Featherm London and Edward De Lacy for inspiration and advice, both designers use YKK zippers as they prefer them and don’t see much difference in the make of the zips.

Before heading to London, I want to try to perfect my pattern cuts and create a techpack that I think will work well.

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