After researching the sort of photographs that I want to develop for my look book to showcase my designs, I went out to complete a test shoot, obviously, I have not styled the model and I am only using white bags so that I can create visualisations, the purpose of this test shoot was to get the right location and the right mood. I feel that these photographs were successful in the way of location and I think that the backgrounds look good, the textures and structures and enkeeping with the concept of the designs.

I have tried to involve interesting textures from around the northern quarter, using the lines, structures and muted colours to my advantage when photographing the model and the bag. I think that these images could work well within the look book although I am not sure that these photographs embody the style and mood that I want to achieve with my designs.

When considering locations for the shoot, I am struggling to think about the right context for my products. When would be products be used? Day or Night? What will my consumer be wearing? Although my product is high end at a price point of around £300 for a clutch bag, would my consumer be out in spinningfields? (Where the architecture imagery originated from) or the Northern Quarter? A less expensive area but deeply poetic and creative? I want to look back into my designer research and my consumer boards and consider this further before completing the final shoot.

After completing the shoot and looking through the photos, althogugh I think that location is important, I think that capturing the right sort of mood and concept for the shoot is more important. I think that that photograohy needs to look more spontaneous. I need to create a senario where I am able to capture an image that looks less posed and more like the street style imagery on an online blog like le21eme.com.

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