This week I have started to experiment with printing foils onto my leather samples. I haven’t managed to achieve the effect that I wanted although I have managed to achieve something more organic. I began by painting on foil adhesive by hand, once dry I tried to heat press the foils onto the leather.

The leather sample from bags of love didn’t work very well at all. The foil adhesive didn’t appear to stick to the surface of the leather, so after applying the foil it started to peel off, taking the print with it.

The sample from the identity store worked better, the foil has clearly adhered to the surface of the leather, although instead of it sticking to the areas that I painted with the adhesive, it stuck to the entire surface of the print. I think that it looks quite effective though. It looks more organic and luxurious rather than precisely placed and accurate.

I have ordered some samples from ‘the deep print movement’, hopefully they will arrive before the deadline and that I will be able to add these to my samples.

Given that the deadline is fast approaching I realise that I need to get organised in printing final samples, I was about to give up on ‘The identity Store’ as they hadn’t emailed me back for months, although I rang and spoke to Peter today, he was very apologetic and I think that I will be able to get my designs printed by him, I realise that these services are cheaper and actually better quality than Bags Of Love. There is a one week turn around so hopefully if I can keep in contact with Peter then it should all run smoothly.

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