I realised that my visualisations for my product designs are quite important and that I haven’t been happy with them in the past, over this unit I wanted to start early to create something that I can be proud of for my portfolio. I want to begin to combine processes such as watercolour, fineliner and collage to create something interesting that will work well with my designs and compliment them. I want these to reflect the sort of consumer that I expect to buy my designs too. I feel that this will be a challenge in itself.

I have begun working with Martin Askew, an art director from Manchester that is going to help me develop a brand, my website and a logo for my practice in the future, I have compiled boards of imagery that I like and the sort of concept and ideas that I would like to discuss with Martin.

This week I have worked with a contact on creating the bags that I want to be made for my degree show, I expected that she would be able to create a couple of samples using a tech pack that I have created. The purpose of these bags are to show visualisations in a look book, I experimented making a couple of bags myself and then asked her to replicate them, not worrying too much about dimensions, but to focus on the quality of finish.

After receiving the bags I feel that my first attempt was a higher quality than my contacts attempt so I doubt that I will be using her services again. The zips were not top stitched despite my examples having been stitched this way, I feel that as a product this would be troublesome as the zip is likely to catch or get stuck. There is also evidence that the stitching has been undone in a couple of cases as there are pin pricks in the fabric near the seams and marks on the surface of the bags. I don’t feel that much care has been taken over the products and I want to achieve a high end luxury product.

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