After meeting with Martin Askew, an art director from Manchester, we have decided on branding concepts and produced visualisations of how I could develop my branding and use it on different packaging options and business cards.

We decided that to create a high end, proffesional appearence so the branding should be mostly black and white. I feel that Martin has successfully developed a brand ethos that represents the surreal dimensions and distopia that I set out to create within my designs.

We have started to develop a Look Book and decided that we could also create an Aristan Book to celebrate De Lacy's work and my print designs. These books should be printed and ready for the degree show.

I hope that through the imagery for the look book, I will be able to bring in the textural and illustrative drawings and that I will be able to reinforce the conceptual idea of playfulness and an element of strangeness within my designs.

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