I have completed the majority of the tasks I set myself in the initial learning agreement, over the course of Unit X, I have been successful in creating a print collection that explores structure, texture and decorations whilst creating ‘surreal dimensions’. If I had more time, I would have created a collection of samples using foils to create iridescence - as in February I attended London fashion week and gathered imagery of what people were wearing. I noticed that there was a lot of metallic leather - after looking at WGSN I found that the trend for S/S 17/18 is reflective sheen and metallic.

I set out to create two clearly separate collections however I feel that I haven’t achieved this, I would have liked to spend more time designing more carefully thought out silk scarves to print for the degree show but I feel like these designs come across as an afterthought.

I have spent time researching and potential companies that could send me printed leather samples, I haven’t found many companies with a quick enough turn around and that are an affordable price to build a catalogue of samples. Often after contacting a company there is no reply which makes the process very difficult although I have documented this as I have moved through the project. However, I have managed to build some good connections and made sure that my product is ‘Made in Britain’. Up on conducting market research, I realised that I can design and manufacture a very high quality product using goat suede and sheep skin leather.

I had considered sustainability and ethical issues when it comes to printing on leather and I began to investigate printing onto textured PVC or PU, I have had no luck in finding a company that would print my designs for fashion accessories so this is something I hope to push in the future.

For the Kidner live brief, I had started to play around with creating 3D geometric shapes out of paper. I really wanted to experiment with creating 3D fashion accessories over Unit X although I have realised how long it takes to develop a product and finalise it to make sure that it is perfect for the kind of market level that I am striving for. I could have taken a lot more time with making decisions about the kind of fabric I would use for a lining, the kind of leather that I used to print onto and the sort of zippers that I would use. However in a limited time frame I feel that the product is as successful as it possibly could be.

I feel that I have taken on the role of a creative director of a small business over this unit, much like Vicki Murdoch of Silken Favours. Although, I feel like delegating tasks is just as difficult, which is something that I spoke about in my placement report. I am happy with the turn out of the photography for the look book despite the ups and downs with collaborations and relying on outward facing companies to help whilst sticking to a deadline. I was concerned that it was all or nothing with the photography, it had to be perfect to convey the right mood and market level.

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