MA Practice One - Design Intentions

After writing my statement of intent for Practice one, I thought about the qualities of my work that interest me the most in order to nail down what it is that inspires my work.

I am mostly interested in texture, structure and decoration.

When I talk about decoration, I realise that what I mean is the patterns within patterns that I notice and photograph during initial research, or the patterns which I create from my photographs. Whether it's the patterns within butterflies wings or the lacey decoration on the edges of leafs. I realised that decoration is within the surface pattern of most of the subjects I like to photograph. 'Decoration' within surfaces seems to be an integral part of my visual research from the start of a project which can be found within the textures and structures that I collect. Considering the metaphors and mapping lecture where we discussed describing our practice at MA level, I have decided that I won't use the word decoration to describe the inspiration for my practice as it is too broad of a term.

When I talk about decoration, what I really mean is, texture - surface pattern and material qualities I am interested in, textures that can be expressed visually through photography.

I am mostly interested in reflective surfaces such as glass on buildings, glossy, slick surfaces that you imagine are cold and smooth to the touch. I enjoy photographing foils and looking at the way light creates shadows and highlights within the texture of the surface itself and the colours that the surface produces at different angles. Light seems to create depth within a texture of a surface.

In terms of structure, I often relate this to architecture. A am interested in the lines and shapes that certain buildings have. Shapes and geometric designs that tesselate to create a structural component within my designs.

To forward my initial research I decided to go into Manchester and start photographing subjects that interest me around the city. After spending a lot of time hand drawing elements to create motifs for my print designs last year, I have come to realise that I am more interested in the photographic elements that I can produce and the imagery that I can create using editing techniques and digital collage in Photoshop.

The reason that I think that I like reproducing a texture and printing it two dimensionally onto a flat surface without much texture, is the frustration factor that it creates, almost like an optical illusion. The experience of viewing textural elements with your eyes, putting an emphasis on the visual experience of texture, without being able to touch and feel the texture as you would expect it to feel.

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