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In 2012, I went to see a Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate modern in London. I went because I thought that it was a 'must see' exhibition, I thought Damien Hirst was pretentious but quirky, he was onto something that he was interested by but I thought that cows and sharks preserved in formaldehyde was just a publicity stunt.

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I'd never heard of the concept of sci-art, I'd always thought of science and art being quite separate subjects. However, looking back I realise that their is a clear connection between the science of biology and art in Damien Hirsts work. Although I think that this series is more about the shock factor, I can see that this way of preserving an animal is a really interesting and creative way of being able to study form from an artist point of view.

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I am interested in the preservation of animals for educational and artistic purposes, I have always enjoyed looking at the taxidermied animals in Manchester Museum and have used these as a starting point for previous projects. For this project I decided to look at the science festival events in Manchester to try to find a sci-art event to attend, I saw that there was an opportunity to view preserved animals and decided to go and photograph these pieces.

Whilst exploring the Museum, I came across a real selection of animals, I was fascinated by the way they were collected, preserved perfectly and stored. I was particularly interested in the textures that were so obvious especially although each item was being viewed through glass and a liquid solution.

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