Sci Art: Initial Research and Inspiration

Whilst exploring Liberty on Regent Street, London over the summer, I came across some beautifully coloured silk scarves with patterns that were unrecognisable. I can only decribe the printed images on the silk as captured textures. I wanted to know how these designs had been produced and what was the inspiration. I couldn't find much in the way of designers named, 'Weston', until I came across the 'Richard Weston Studio'.

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According to the website, Weston creates macro digital images for surface design applications. The studio, 'generate unique, bespoke files to suit individual projects, locations and clients'. The approach to the design process and final outcome seems more structured and scientific rather than a focus on art and a print design process.

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"...minerals such as agate, quartz, fluorite, orbicular jasper and Paesina Stone; fossils such as ammonites and marine conglomerates; geological 'thin sections' (generally scanned using polarised light); and richly patinated surfaces such as Roman glass. We also create sources by manipulating paints and harnessing chemical reactions and biological processes..." -

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During my BA I did touch on looking into structures of crystals and minerals in a hand drawn responce. I really want to further this and combine the concept with my photographic interests.

After looking through Sci-Art videos for inspiration, I think that I could create some really interesting photographic imagery for surface design by focusing on macro photography and combining my practice with science to use microscopes to photograph miniscule detail. Click the image below to watch the 'Sci-Art Centre', 'Art in the Lab - Cell Workshop' video.

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