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Yesterday, I went to Manchester Museum expecting to find that the exhibition of Jim Naughtens Animal Kingdoms would have finished - I thought I'd explore anyway. Luckily, the exhibition had been extended!

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I went with the expectation that the Animal Kingdoms exhibition was just a collection of preserved animals in glass jars, which was interesting enough for me. However, when I explored further I realised that the event was in fact a collection of photographic images based around the idea of stereoscopy. Stereoscopics, I learnt, is a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image. Watch the video which explains Jim Naughtens practice by clicking on the photograph below.

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Jim Naughten had created a collection of photographic images from slightly different angles of a subject and laid them out side by side. To view the images in this way was fascinating, but using a Stereoscope (a view finder filled with mirrors at different angles) the images were instantly turned from a two dimensional image on paper, to a three dimensional visual sculpture which appeared in mid-air. The only way to experience these images in this way, is to view them in a gallery setting, the work although, it has a scientific concept is equally about asthetics.

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