MA Practice One - Photographic Research

Since photographing textures and structures around manchester and identifying what it is that I am interested in, I realised that I needed a subject to focus on. Last year, on my BA course, I touched on looking at rocks, minerals and crystals. I decided that I would take a step back to look further into the textures and structures of this subject with a photographic and textural focus rather than an illustrative intention.

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I am not exactly happy with the images that I collected at the museum as most photographs where captured through glass cabinets. I have found an email address for the head of curration of the geology department so that I can access the archives and photograph more textures in depth.

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I think that if I can access the archives at the museum then I might be able to start building a collection of macro shots to edit and begin to design prints. After looking at Richard Westons collection in Liberty over the summer and beginning the Sci-Art options unit, I have become interested in experimenting with using microscopes to photograph microscopic details.

Another idea that I have thought about exploring is darkroom photography and photograms. I have always been interested in Man Ray and his photograms, I have recently discovered Anna Atkins and her exploration of dark room photography in the 1800's, I think that to be able to recreate this sorts of images to depict detail and texture could be a really informative excersise. This would also give me more imagery to begin to create prints with.

Sourced From: Naomi Rosenblum (2010). A History of Women Photographers. New York, USA: Abbeville Press.

A more modern twist on this is looking at Nick Knights collections of photography of herbarium archives from the Natural History Museum. His photography is a documentation of the archives, the images express the texture and detail of each leaf and flower in high definition. I think that by combining these two processes I could really create some amazing patterns and artwork.

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I will look into having inductions in the darkroom so that I can continue with my research, hopefully I will be able to create my own rocks and minerals at home to play around with in the darkroom.

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