MA Practice One - Pecha Kucha Review

During our first Pecha Kucha Review, I delivered my presentation - I didn't stick to the timed presentation, after looking through everyones work in the group, everyone went over the time limit. We decided that it was too difficult to deliver such a short presentation and ask for feedback when none of us had any initial background knowledge on each others practice and previous work. It turned into more of a group tutorial and feedback session.

Initially, I thought that I was quite confident in my own work and how to explain what it was that I was trying to achieve. However, after explaining, there were a lot of questions left unanswered and I realised that I wasn't very good at articulating myself when under pressure or faced with critisism. I also realised that I hadn't come up with a question that I was really researching around...

I got a lot of useful feedback, I was concerned about my work and where I was going, what to do next and whether I was going off on a tangent. I opened my presentation by explaining that I was fascinated by texture and structure, I explained that rather than drawing, my initial responce was to create a catalogue of photographs as a way of documenting my interests.

I explained that I had begun to put together an online sketchbook of images that I had been working with, I find that this has been an easier way of working for me as I enjoy working digitally and with photoshop. The idea of an online sketchbook was well recieved although someone explained that most of my work was two dimensional and wondered whether I would benefit from working differently.

When I began this project, it was all about documenting textures and structures that captivated me, I avoided drawing as it didn't feel that I could replicate the same amount of detail or interest in the way I wanted to. It was brought to my attention that I was missing out on creating my own textures with drawing in a sketchbook and that drawing was a 'fundimental part of creativity'. I explained that I wasn't ignoring drawing all together, just exploring different avenues and methods of researching a concept.

Once I showed my drawings, I was told that this was a great way of documenting and exploring shapes within my photographs and that it was good to consider these responces even if they aren't going to be used within my print designs. I decided that I would continue to draw and manipulate my work digitally. It was also brought up to me that I needed to further my drawings and experimentation, more about generating ideas than the quality of the outcomes. I think that I need to begin to push myself to produce more drawings even if I don't enjoy or like them, by intentially creating something I'm not happy with, I might create a different outcome that I could use or follow and perhaps explore more.

I intend to go to the museum and collect imagery from the archives of crystals, rocks and minerals to explore texture and structure in natural forms and combine them with the shapes I have found whilst exploring Manchester's architecture. The idea of the contrast between natural and man made forms was highlighted in my work by my group, although it is a clear concept, I feel like its a little bit cliche and want to avoid using these themes to describe my work.

I have drawn a few conclusions from the Pecha Kucha in relation to the learning outcomes. I realised that I can communicate an understanding of key contexts and debates in relation to my design practice - however I still struggle to confidently articulate my practice verbally.

I was reassured that I had been able to identify and apply appropriate research strategies and methods by using photography and drawing as documentation, but that I needed to work on being critical about other artists and designers that I have looked at for inspiration and work on contextualising my own practice in relation to others.

I have managed to begin to articulate an investigative and analytical approach to my body of work, however I have been too critical of my starting point and the work that I have produced up to the first review which I believe has slowed down the process and stunted my creativity and my ability to churn out visuals.

Compared to others in my group, I don't think that I have managed to critically engage with a varied range of theoretical and or practical sources. I feel that a lot of people in my Pecha Kucha group have been researching their ideas and concepts in an academic way, through books and researching practioners. Where as, my research has been an exploration of what it is I enjoy about my own work and finding a way of discussing my practice.

I don't think that I am yet able to situate my design intentions in relation to the broader discipline but, I think that I am in the middle of formulating a framework by which to devlop my practice individually by exploring my own interests and I hope that I will continue to make break throughs throughout the masters experience.

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