Sci-Art: Initial Research and Intentions

After a couple of taught Sci-Art sessions, I decided after getting to know a couple of people that it would be a great time to collaberate with someone on a new concept.

Through the Sci-Art options unit, I discovered Scot. Scot is from a fine art background but is specialising in Textile Practice on the MA, we are both interested in looking at photomicrography as a way of collecting imagery. In previous projects, Scot has focused a lot on identity and cells and the beauty of such a complex but miniscule subject.

We share an interest in looking into surface pattern and texture as well as creating something beautiful out of something unexpected. I think that this would be a great opportunity to investigate something new and exciting. Our initial ideas are to look into the body under a microscope, I also want to look at some fabric structures and crystal structures to create a catalogue of imagery to work from for my own practice.

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I have started to look into other photographers and designers who use photomicrography in their practice. I discovered two photographers of interest to me, Igor Siwanowicz explores microscopic details of animals anatomy. The results of his imagery are blindingly colourful and difficult to depict enough detail to make sense of the image unless you know what the subject matter is. The photographs pick up so much structure and texture within the subject and are amazingly defined.

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I have also come across an amazing brand inspired by Michael W. Davidson's photomicrography, who produce unaltered photographs of alcoholic beverages that have been crystallized and viewed under a 'polarized light microscope'. Each drink produces a unique crystal featuring striking topological patterns and radiant colours. I find the shapes and lines within these images so appealing, the science behind the creation of these images amazes me, I am enthralled by the concept of these designs. I am really interested in looking at texture and structure in my practice so this is a perfectly pleasing sci-art outcome for me to have come across.

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