MA Practice One - Photographing Archives

In an effort to explore and document more textures and structures, I contacted Manchester Museum to access the Archives of Rocks, Minerals and Crystals. I was able to explore hundreds of pieces collected from all over the world.

Sourced From: Own Archive

I spent some time photographing my favourite pieces, I am still not exactly happy with the quality of my photographs as I felt as though the visit was quite rushed and the conditions in the room were quite dark, I had to use the flash on my camera. When editting these images, I decided to change the saturation but leave behind some of the original colour to try to develop a slightly different colour pallete.

Sourced From: Own Archive

However, I feel like I managed to collect more imagery to work with and draw from. I want to try to re-create some textures and structures from my photographs through drawing so that I can begin to understand and explore the lines and shapes more closely as I want to start looking into using these to move into creating three dimensional printed products through practice two and three.

As well as leaving in some of the original colours from the photoshoot, I have also started looking at the orgins of documentary photography and the idea that photographs were taken at face value and believe as factual evidence. I have started to experiment with this idea and creating and over exacggerating textures and structures by using photoshop and digital collage, with some of my images I have altered the colours slightly to fit in with the colour pallete that I want to use.

Sourced From: Own Archive

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