MA Practice One - Authenticity of Documentary Photography

Over the last few days I have been considering the concept of the authenticty of documentary photography. I have spent a few weeks collecting imagery of textures and structures to try to document what it is that I find interesting about these themes.

Sourced From: Own Archive

Now I am starting to collate these images on my MA Sketchbook page to show my findings, I am also interested in the concept of how accurate these photographs are and how I can over exaggerate the imagery using photoshop filters and ways of editing to create new textures and structures.

Sourced From: Own Archive

I think that since I started photographing and documenting this sort of imagery, I have always had the thought in the back of my mind about how I can enhance the photographs and really express the parts of the images that I am interested in. So from the offset, the documentation is no longer an accurate depiction of natural found textures and structures.

Sourced From: Own Archive

Through editing and through the process of digital photography I am already considering how I can develop these textures and structures and create artwork in an attempt to express what it is I am seeing and be able to describe this to others viewing my work.

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