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I have gone straight into creating imagery digitally without working on drawing and creating textures and designs from my photographs. I haven't physically worked on collaging materials as a way of creating imagery or drawing, everything that I have created has been based on digital collage.

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I have started to look at artists who practice collage as inspiration for my own designs, I want to take a step back and look at the way other artists use collage. The first collage artist I came across was Beth Hoeckel, looking through Hoeckels work, I realised that she has collected found images of textures and shapes and organised them together and currated them into catagories of colour.

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Although Beth Hoeckels work is very figurative compared to mine, I can see parralels in our concepts as I am interested in archives and collections, I like the way the artist has systematically documented texture and shape by colour using collage. The work looks quite random however it is clear that each piece has been carefully considered, collected and curated - similarly to most of my digital outcomes.

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In contrast, Kurt Schwitters work deals primarily with texture, at first glance the ephemera collected together is organised into a simple composition of shape and colour which highlights an interest within the pieces. His work is very abstract and papers and textures become lost and unrecognisable in complex layers within the composition. Schwitters works with quite muted colours and tones which is something I should look at within my own work when developing a colour pallet.

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