MA Practice One - Contextualising Practice

When contextualising my work I consider my work to be of a high end market level, I have looked at Hermes as an example of a brand that I aspire to come close to. I have noticed a design inparticular, a collaberation between Hermes and Lucio Landa, a sports photographer.

Lucio Landa photographs various sporting events and specialises in documenting equestrian events. The imagery created for the Hermes scarf design is a photographic image which has been edited and broken down into dots and circles of different shades and colours to represent the whole image from a distance. From a distance you are able to appreciate the documentary photography element but up close and on the body, the scarf becomes a textural piece of work.

I have struggled during this project with my interest in texture and structure and documenting it through photography, I have also missed drawing accurately. I tried to recreate texture through drawing in a more abstract way although I didn't enjoy the process or the outcomes of my 'drawings'.

Another Hermes design by Dimitri Rybaltchenko really strikes me, at first glance, the design looks very abstract and textural. When you look more closely at the designs, there are some very accurately drawn illustrations of horses hidden amongst the splatters of paint. I think that the reason they look so camouflaged is the effect of the designs being flush and flattened by the lack of tone in the paint splaters, they are all one colour which makes the design more difficult to distinguish.

This could be an interesting way of reintroducing my more illustrative drawings into my textural designs. If I had more time I think that I would experiement with mixing my illustrations with my textures and structural shapes.

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