MA Practice One - Contextualising Practice

Rather than looking at a similar market level to contextualise my practice, I turned my attention to a microphotographer who places designs into a fashion accessories context. Richard Weston is a name I came across over summer in London. I saw some amazing coloured and textured scarves in Liberty, and when researching the designer I found that he was actually a scientist who was looking at crystal formations underneath a microscope.

The imagery that has been produced is beautiful, the colours and shapes created by the textures and scructures within the designs are so detailed. The approach to the design process and final outcome seems more structured and scientific rather than a focus on art and a print design process.

The designs are created more like an image bank of photographs that clients can purchase and use or have printed on a range of products, Weston works with two artists who I image have a lot of imput in the application of the designs.

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